Age of the Chosen was an update implemented on December 14, 2007 that changed some major elements in Fury. These changes include equipment enchantments, as well as base health points. Age of the Chosen has also implemented a combat fatigue mechanic.

There were two new gametypes added in the Age of the Chosen. Carnage is a player vs player vs bot team game where players race to collect blood tokens from computer controlled opponents. Elimination 1v1 is a single player against another single player facing off in the ultimate test of solo skill.

Additionally, the Age of the Chosen update has introduced a free-to-play game model while still maintaining the original Hero and Immortal account types. Chosen accounts (i.e. free-to-play) are entitled to less in-game bonuses such as essence and gold bonus and limited access to other in game options. Hero (i.e. purchase) and Immortal (i.e. subscribers) accounts are entitled to more options and privileges than lesser account types. Here is a table explaining the account types in Age of the Chosen:

For more information regarding accounts and to create a new account type go to

Option Chosen Hero Immortal
Can talk on / in game VOIP No Yes Yes
Auctions - Can bid on Items Yes Yes Yes
Auctions - Can sell items on the auction house No Yes Yes
Auctions - Can purchase additional bid slots No Yes Yes
Auctions - Can purchase additional Sell slots No No Yes
Can trade with other players No Yes Yes
Can purchase additional Incarnation Slots Yes Yes Yes
Can Create and send mail No Yes Yes
Can Create a Clan No No Yes
Friends List - Max Size 10 20 100
Ignore List - Max Size 10 20 100
Loot roll slots 1 2 3
Weekly rest gold Low Medium High
Ladders/Avatar Stats No Yes Yes
Login Queue Priority Lowest Middle Highest
Speed Boost in the Sanctuary No No Yes
Essence / Gold Rewards from War Zones Reduced Normal Increased
Restricted Rank Titles Yes - Chosen No No
Chat Channels (write access) Chosen channel All All
Maximum Clan Rank Lowest Clan Rank Max Clan Rank Guild Master

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