An Archetype, similar to a class from traditional (MMO)RPGs, is a title that is created for your Incarnation based on the abilities the Incarnation has in it. This is useful in forming PUGs (Pick-Up Groups), as it makes it easier to communicate what general type of Incarnation you're using. Listed below are all eight archetypes and characteristics of each. (Click on an Archetype's name to view the abilities it has. From there, click on an ability to view its details.)

Champion Edit

  • Falls under School of Life
  • Melee, prefers one-handed weapon and shield
  • Can reduce damage dealt to self and allies
  • Has limited healing
  • Only archetype that can resurrect him/herself

Healer Edit

  • Falls under School of Life
  • Caster
  • Superior healing
  • Can cleanse and cure allies
  • Can pacify enemies
  • Can resurrect fallen allies

Warden Edit

  • Falls under School of Growth
  • Melee, prefers long weapons
  • Can buff allies
  • Can provide crowd control and immunity

Oracle Edit

  • Falls under School of Growth
  • Caster
  • Can alter and move charge alignment
  • Health and speed buffs

Destroyer Edit

  • Falls under School of Death
  • Melee, prefers dual weapons
  • Deals the most damage to a single target
  • Can charge at enemies
  • Can strip buffs and shields from enemies

Invoker Edit

  • Falls under School of Death
  • Caster
  • Deals most damage to multiple foes simultaneously
  • Can reinforce his/her position with small fields

Overlord Edit

  • Falls under School of Decay
  • Melee, prefers large two-handed weapons
  • Can attack with powerful charge manipulation abilities
  • Powerful debuffs
  • Can hinder and nullify healing abilities

Defiler Edit

  • Falls under School of Decay
  • Caster
  • Master of crowd control
  • Powerful debuffs including life-draining abilities

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