Age of the ChosenEdit

The Age of the Chosen update of December 14, 2007 updated new armor. The allotment of enchantments and the overall item rarity has been more closely tied to tier and the max health bonus has been greatly increased.

Armor pieces that existed prior to the Age of the Chosen are still usable but the repair cost and pawn broker costs for this armor have increased. This was done to give the existing players time to obtain new armor during the transition.

Equip SlotsEdit

There are 7 armor equip slots: head, chest, shoulders, wrist [sic], hands, legs, and feet.

Armor AttributesEdit

Armor RatingEdit

Each piece of armor has an armor rating spread across the 4 elements water (WA), nature (NA), fire (FI), and air (AI). (Note: Earth (EA) is also rated on all armor pieces but it is unused since no abilities or weapons deal earth damage.)

Armor rating stacks across all armor pieces and the total determines the percentage of damage that is absorbed. For example, the leather starter armor for new players has the following ratings: WA 300, NA 300, FI 271, AI 271. A full set of 7 pieces will give the player the following armor rating WA 2100, NA 2100, FI 1897, AI 1897. (Note: Starter armor sets do not include a head piece.) These values are divided by 5000 to determine the percentage of damage that is absorbed, i.e. WA 42%, NA 42%, FI 38%, AI 38%. Enchantments and abilities may add an additional armor rating.

Max Health BonusEdit

Every piece of armor has a base max health bonus built in that scales with the tier.

Before The Age of the Chosen

Tier 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Max Health +0 +13 +27 +42 +56 +72 +88 +105 +119 +135
Base Equip Points 5 8 11 16 23 31 40 50 62 75

(Note: Armor existing prior to the Age of the Chosen cost more to repair.)

After The Age of the Chosen

Tier 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Max Health* +0 +55 +111/222 +222 +222/278 +222/278 +334 +334/390 +390/501 +501
Base Equip Points 5 8 11 16 25 31 40 50 62 75
*Max health bonus may increase for armor with higher rarity level for the same tier.


Armor pieces can also contain enchantments which offer diverse bonuses. There are two types of enchantments: standard enchantments and reactive enchantments. Standard enchantments are active effects 100% of the time. Reactive enchantments have a chance of becoming active under specific conditions, e.g. 5% chance when player receives damage, and then only for a duration. All enchantment bonuses stack with one another across all armor pieces, ornaments, and weapons.


More rare items have the opportunity to contain a greater number of standard and reactive enchantments. The levels of rarity are tied closely to tier. The levels are easily recognizable by text color.

Tier Rarity Text Color Enchantments
1-2 Common White
2-3 Uncommon Green
3-5 Superior Blue
5-6 Rare Yellow
6-8 Epic Orange
8-9 Legendary Red
9-10 Artifact Purple

Archetype SetsEdit

Some armor pieces contain bonuses called archetype sets. Archetype sets increase the effectiveness of specific abilities corresponding to their archetype.

Sets can also have additional bonuses when multiple items are equipped. There are bonuses for wearing 2, 4 and 6 items from a set. The exact numbers on a set bonus are determined by the tier and rarity of the items from the set worn. The numbers on the below chart are from tier 1 armor.

Archetype Standard Bonus 2 piece set bonus 4 piece set bonus 6 piece set bonus
Champion +2% life physical abilities Increase armor rating 3.1% (across all elements) 5% chance on get hit: Heals Hit Points for 126 5% chance on get hit: Absorbs the next 200 damage within 15 seconds.
Healer +2% life spiritual abilities Increases outgoing healing by 1% 5% chance on heal: Increase outgoing healing by 5% for 15 seconds 5% chance on get hit: Pacifies opponent for 2 seconds.
Destroyer +2% death physical abilities Increase physical damage by 1% 5% chance on hit: Cancels 1 random buff of each type (Blessing, Boon, Mark, Tribute) from target. 5% chance on hit: Decrease opponents movement rate by 13% for 15 seconds.
Invoker +2% death spiritual abilities Increase Spiritual damage by 1% 5% chance on hit: Reduces Hit Points by 178 every 2 seconds for 10 seconds. 5% chance on hit: Stuns opponent for 1 seconds.
Warden +2% growth physical abilities Increase physical defense, spiritual defense by 10 5% chance on get hit: Deals 296 NA Ki damage to opponent. 5% chance on hit: Knocks the nearby opponents back.
Oracle +2% growth spiritual abilities Increase buff duration by 1% 5% chance on hit: Teleports you 10-15m in a random direction. 5% chance on get hit: Increase movement rate by 20% for 6 seconds.
Overlord +2% decay spiritual abilities Increase Physical Offense, Spiritual Offense by 111. 5% Chance on hit: Remove all Water charges from target. 5% Chance on hit: Drains 348.093 from the user's Hit Points, transferring 150% back to the user's Hit Points.
Defiler +2% decay physical abilities Increase debuff duration by 1% 5% chance on hit: Amplifies damage (all elements) done to opponent by 28 for 15 seconds. 5% chance on hit: Decrease opponents incoming healing by 5% for 15 seconds.

Armor TypesEdit

Each player starts with 4 sets of tier 9 armor with no enchantments. They are leather, scale, padded, and plate. A player can also obtain other armor types, such as warweave or chain armor.

The specific rating is variable, but almost all armor types have a high armor rating versus only 2 of the 4 specific elements and a low armor rating versus the other 2. (Note: The fifth element, earth (EA), is always medium but is unused since no abilities or weapons deal earth damage.)

Armor Type High Low Associated Archetypes
Leather WA / NA FI / AI Warden & Oracle
Scale NA / AI WA / FI Champion & Healer
Padded FI / AI WA / NA Destroyer & Invoker
Plate WA / FI NA / AI Overlord & Defiler
Warweave WA / NA FI / AI None
Chain* None None None
*Chain armor does not have a high/low armor rating. It carries a medium rating for every element.

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