Berserker'sRage Charges
30 seconds
Cast Time
Any Styles
15 seconds
Max Stack
Description A Mark that greatly increases the user's damage at the cost of their defenses. This ability is self only.
Rank 1 Increases user's Physical damage by 30.71%.Decreases user's Physical defense by 7.68%.Decreases user's Spiritual defense by 7.68%.Decreases user's armor ratings (307 EA, 307 WA, 307 NA, 307 FI, 307 AI).
Rank 2 Increases user's Physical damage by 31.88%.Decreases user's Physical defense by 9.7%.Decreases user's Spiritual defense by 9.7%.Decreases user's armor ratings (318 EA, 318 WA, 318 NA, 318 FI, 318 AI).
Rank 3 Increases user's Physical damage by 33.08%.Decreases user's Physical defense by 11.76%.Decreases user's Spiritual defense by 11.76%.Decreases user's armor ratings (329 EA, 329 WA, 329 NA, 329 FI, 329 AI).
Rank 4 Increases user's Physical damage by 34.33%.Decreases user's Physical defense by 13.87%.Decreases user's Spiritual defense by 13.87%.Decreases user's armor ratings (342 EA, 342 WA, 342 NA, 342 FI, 342 AI).
Rank 5 Increases user's Physical damage by 35.59%.Decreases user's Physical defense by 16.02%.Decreases user's Spiritual defense by 16.02%.Decreases user's armor ratings (355 EA, 355 WA, 355 NA, 355 FI, 355 AI).
Rank 6 Increases user's Physical damage by 36.94%.Decreases user's Physical defense by 18.22%.Decreases user's Spiritual defense by 18.22%.Decreases user's armor ratings (368 EA, 368 WA, 368 NA, 368 FI, 368 AI).
Rank 7 Increases user's Physical damage by 38.33%.Decreases user's Physical defense by 20.47%.Decreases user's Spiritual defense by 20.47%.Decreases user's armor ratings (383 EA, 383 WA, 383 NA, 383 FI, 383 AI).
Rank 8 Increases user's Physical damage by 39.77%.Decreases user's Physical defense by 22.77%.Decreases user's Spiritual defense by 22.77%.Decreases user's armor ratings (398 EA, 398 WA, 398 NA, 398 FI, 398 AI).
Rank 9 Increases user's Physical damage by 41%.Decreases user's Physical defense by 25.13%.Decreases user's Spiritual defense by 25.13%.Decreases user's armor ratings (409 EA, 409 WA, 409 NA, 409 FI, 409 AI).
Rank 10 Increases user's Physical damage by 42.38%.Decreases user's Physical defense by 27.53%.Decreases user's Spiritual defense by 27.53%.Decreases user's armor ratings (423 EA, 423 WA, 423 NA, 423 FI, 423 AI).

Rank 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Equip Points 5 8 11 16 23 31 40 50 62 75

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