A Powerup is a static item that spawns on the map, and its benefits can be gained by simply moving over the powerup. Powerups range in effect from minor bonuses to devastating effects. Some of the more common powerups are: Powerups that Heal you directly Powerups that Heal you over time using Heal Over Time effects Powerups that Increase your Offense or Defense, whether physical, spiritual, or both Powerups taht increase your effect of abilities from one specific School Powerups that Reflect everything of a specific element (Mirrors)

There are many more powerups, and they are ususally categorized into three groups: Minor, Moderate, and Major. Effects that are categorized like this will display their category in parentheses next to the powerup name on the Buff icon. Powerups are a crucial part of gameplay, as Healing powerups ignore Combat Fatigue, and often heal for a large amount. It is thus important to utilize powerups and prevent your opponent from doing the same.

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